Caroline de Benoist and la fantaisie sérieuse

Following a fifteen-year legal career working for prestigious Parisian luxury brands, notably Hermès, Caroline de Benoist started dreaming of creating her own jewels. She started with an initial jewellery line of what she likes to describe as contemporary jewellery "taken seriously"; artisanal production with noble materials at the service of free forms and lines. 

For Caroline, a jewel is not a second thought or a final touch; it's there to stand out and be recognised. 

Caroline De Benoist

High jewelry made in India

Caroline's first creations were an instant hit. It was then time to follow her dreams, pack her bags and fly in the direction of Jaipur, India, the country of a thousand and one precious stones, to develop her first collection of "haute fantastie", fine contemporary jewellery. 

Caroline's creativity blossomed through her encounters in India; from the dazzling explosion of colours, the abundance of savoir-faire, the omnipresent refinement of local art, and the profound spirituality of the artisans. 


A colorful and artisanal universe deployed in l'art de la table

Caroline then had a wild desire to develop her own joyful and colour-rich universe, as an extension of her jewels, driven by her passion to highlight local artisans who she encountered on her journey and who fascinated her immensely. 

Passionate about l'art de la table, the art of table dressing, which she regularly featured on Instagram, Caroline created a line of hand-painted ceramic tableware as well as a collection of vibrant table linen, using the traditional method of block print. 


Vases, trays, and cushions were added to complete this universe.

Caroline's creations reflect her predilection for combinations of bright and intense colours, which she associates with happiness and the joy of living, with floral and geometric patterns and irregular lines which reflect human handwork.