Handcrafted in India

Our jewels are made in an artisan workshop in India, a country that gave Caroline an emotional, aesthetic and spiritual jolt the first time she set foot there.

Caroline has a fascination for craftsmanship, for the imperfect beauty that springs from the work of human hands.

India is a land of a thousand skills handed down from generation to generation, and she is keen to promote them at her humble level.

Each piece of jewelry is entirely set and enamelled by hand by artisans who have mastered fabulous jewellery-making skills, and with whom Caroline has enjoyed a unique relationship for many years.

All the playful mechanisms that Caroline has imagined for many of her jewels are also entirely hand-crafted.

Some slight irregularities or shades of color may appear on our pieces; they are the reflection of the handwork that makes our jewelry pieces with extra soul.

Caroline De Benoist